Code2Create – A Brand to reckon with

Code2Create – A Brand to reckon with

Setting a benchmark this year, Association of Computing Machinery VIT’s premium 36 hr hackathon – Code2Create was a roaring success.

Set apart from other student hackathons by an advanced online quiz, an elegant expo, and personalized tracking via the Code2Create app, the hackathon was a booming amalgamation of inspiration, code, and creation.

With an overwhelming 1000+ registrations and a record number of external participants, C2C was on the right track from the day the registrations started. ACM VIT had 6 exciting tracks to offer for the hack like Fintech, Healthcare, Space, AR/VR, Education and Smart Cities.


The bustling excitement among the participants during registrations on Day 1 heralded the zealous 36 tech-saturated hours that would follow. The President, Abhitej Singh addressed the participants post registration, which was followed up by inspiring words from our faculty advisor/coordinator Hari Ram Vishwakarma Sir. An integral part of the opening ceremony included the unveiling of ACM W chapter and its warm reception.


All the participants were asked to use the Code2Create app to receive the problem statements and post the introduction session, got right down to coding. With informed mentors and free domains to create UIs upon by .tech Domains, it was ensured that the students were not left asking in terms of the facilities provided to them.


The night was made more interesting with a dynamic Big Web Quiz, which displayed live stats for the answers. The tech members from ACM explained the more ambiguous answers and did a splendid job designing and structuring the quiz with Node.js, React.js, and Ensuring that the participants took back some insightful knowledge, small sessions were taken on Hasura and Docker by our proficient tech members. By this time, the initially abstract ideas had started taking impressive shapes. One could see it all, from space tracking applications to blockchains for managing health records of patients.

A while later, the technical inspection filtered out the best 35 teams to continue for the big prize of ₹ 22000. The coding now continued with strengthened vigor through the second night, with eyes on the prize. The dawn saw teams bringing their projects to an end and prepare for the expo where they all presented their ideas, code, and documentation to the judging panel at their respective booths. After some tough calls and close inspection, the top 5 teams were called on to present their work to all participants. A decision regarding the winners was then made.

The winning team, Team Alpha focused on the problem of health tracking, on a real-time basis across the globe. They used the blockchain network to provide and monitor relief in case of epidemics. Their real-time tracking provides solutions for marketing professionals to target and market their products. Their system ensures anonymity and security of the health data, along with cheap access to doctors and free of cost access to patients.

They felt that Code2Create’18 was more competitive than its predecessor and they were attracted to the level of skill their competitors had to offer, and really enjoyed the swags and the expo. The exposure offered by hackathons and the arena provided to test innovative products among the developer community is something they look forward to each time.


The runners-up were Team Jugaad. They were always fascinated by what was out there, beyond the sky. Thanks to some long and simple calculations, they were able to replicate a scale model of our solar system. This app used past data and mathematical equations to predict the positions of various planets of the solar system. Using this they can predict phenomenon like lining up of planets etc. This app also stored every data it calculated for future reference and for the people researching in this field. The app graphs out positions of astronomical objects. The team used research papers from Virginia Technical University and one of their members had been a part of the NASA space app challenge. This app was highly interactive for people of all ages, as it also included a fly mode to fly around in space.


The second runners-up were Team Terminals. They made a smart wearable which had a pinhole camera as well. The wearable could be used to manipulate or classify data by using gestures. The team succeeded in bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world and hence reduce the workload. The device had a number of unique features like a pedometer to count the number of steps and give an average goal for the user. Also, activities like uploading a file to the cloud could be easily performed just by moving your hand; data can be sorted on the basis of their class. One can also see the statistical figures related to the database. The chatbox was an additional feature which facilitated the interaction between users. The device was made for women safety as well, where a person can send their current location i.e. latitude and longitude that too precise by just pressing a button, also one’s location can be monitored successfully. With funding, a projector can be installed in the device. The budget required for building one such device is nearly 3000 INR which is lower than the cost many articles of daily need.


The valedictory ceremony composed of motivational speeches by Mr. Aswani Kumar Cherukuri, Dean, SITE and our faculty coordinators as well as the Chief Guest, Christopher G Hudson (TCS) and a grand award ceremony. Winners spoke about their experiences at the event how the environment brought out the best in them.

The Organizing Team

Overall, Code2Create 2018 struck a chord with its participants and delivered on all their hopes. What made it stand out was the innovation and the organizing team’s continuous commitment towards bringing the community fresher opportunities and to the hack, a more comfortable and personalized feel.

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