Life at ACM VIT Student Chapter

Life at ACM VIT Student Chapter

An enthralling rollercoaster of success stories nurtured with great thoughts makes life at ACM VIT Student Chapter absolute.

Founded in 2009 by a team of merely 12 students, ACM VIT started out with the idea to revolutionize and simplify technology for the students of Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. It aimed to provide the institution with the golden opportunity of exposure to an international platform that resonates with technology. A trio of an abundance of hard work, dedication, and drive have led to the steep growth of the chapter. We currently host some of the university’s most successful events Code2Create, ReverseCoding and Codart, just to name a few.

Nine years later, presently with an army of 95 go-getters, ACM has progressed multifold. The principle ingredient of life at ACM VIT is the constant growth one experiences through learning. An atmosphere burgeoning with knowledge coupled with a multicultural background makes it a hustler’s dream workspace. The technology presented with vital aspects of fun, friendship and leadership transform the way ACMers looks at code or research. Here at ACM, coders, managers, researchers, designers, and writers weave magic. They are separated by domains but are united by a vision. The vision to promote technology among all students. Our goodwill endeavors to Code Your Dreams, which impart technical knowledge to less fortunate school children in Vellore, testify.

One of the most astounding features of our life here is the perfect equilibrium maintained between personal and professional lives.

When work buddies turn into family, what more could one possibly ask for? Being a part of such a driven and motivated atmosphere has created several leaders. They are currently spreading their wings at tech powerhouses like Intel, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Deloitte, and PWC.

ACM VIT has proved to be a platform for hundreds of people to grow individually as well as with the team. The ability to play as a team has helped many members to create an impact in the community. Every year dozens of students come in as total strangers with curiosity and bid goodbye tons of memories and innovative answers to their curiosity. Every ACMer has something to offer in their very own fashion, hence making it the pool of varied experience and knowledge. Members of ACM VIT have represented the nation and the organization at national and international levels, bringing in guidance and exposure for the fresh legs. Every member of ACM VIT looks onto others as inspiration, which makes working here so amazing. Isn’t Google Summer of Code, Google Code Jams, Hackathons, IEEE Paper Presentations, Bot Challenges or ACM ICPC what one dreams of? We have successfully forayed in all of them. Here at ACM VIT, we inherit the tradition to conquer and achieve higher.

Without a doubt, the best part of ACM is the process of colleagues turning into the family, talks transforming into deep conversations, tasks becoming activities and routine banter turning into memories that one cherishes forever. Witnessing hard-work and dedication turning into victorious bench-marks is genuinely both humbling and motivating. Every member would vouch for this. A true ACMer sees no bound to the imagination and doesn’t stall to ideate.

It’s never easy working to spread a good cause among such a large student body population. And so, life at ACM is one loaded with odds and challenges. However, the ethics of our community back us up to face them with spirit, creativity and most importantly, open minds. We are inspiring young minds, one at a time, and for us, the journey matters more than the destination.

ACM VIT Student Chapter and every member of it believes there is one way to grow and that is to grow together. Looking for a great place to grow and learn? ACM VIT is what you are looking for.


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