Summer Calling

Summer Calling

Two months of absolute freedom with the sun in your hair, the aura of scintillating conversations in the air, memories waiting to be made and cherished, friends to catch up with and an ample of adventures to experience and so much more. Summers are always the most awaited season of the year, more summer and less Monday’s would bring immense joy to anyone’s life. However, in today’s world, time is money. If one can utilize their time well, miracles are possible. Although laying back binge-watching shows on Netflix while gorging on Cheese Fries seems amendable after a year of stressful, tiring college activities, it’s simply not the best way to utilize the summer.

So, here are few crucial ways to turn these mundane two months to help you experience the best summer of your life-

1) Learn a new skill. In today’s tech-savvy world, cultivating a zealous skill set is one of the best ways to exploit your time. There are plenty of courses online available for free of cost that can help you explore these new skills. Sites like and provide a plethora of courses on Web Development, Photoshop, C, Machine Learning and so much more. The internet is a haven of knowledge, putting it to good use is one’s responsibility.

2) Practice. Learning new skills on its own isn’t sufficient. Rather, employing these skills to do something practical is necessary. Tinkering with a project idea could be the perfect stepping stone to cultivate your skills. Working without deadlines can motivate you and help you figure out exactly what you’re passionate about.

3) Internships. In today’s competitive world stand out is what really matters. An internship is the easiest way to give yourself an edge over others. It also helps you build up contacts and gives you a good idea of what you are meant to do when you take up a job. The experience obtained during an internship can be quite valuable while working in the field. You can also put your skills to test. To find internships best suited to your needs, you can visit

4) Hackathons. There’s nothing that passes time like going to a hack with your friends and making something you guys had been planning for such a long time or coming up with something on the spur. Gaining experience by putting your knowledge to the use and honing your skills is a must in today’s world. But finding a hackathon on the right date and a convenient location is difficult. So to find a list of hackathons, their dates and venues visit

5) Exploring new options. Always be on the lookout for new technology and invest your time in it fearlessly. The field of robotics, Augmented and Virtual reality, Machine learning etc. are fields with tons of scope and since they are relatively new topics, a whole lot research could be done on them. Keep exploring as you never know when you find your niche, something that you’re passionate about and when you find it, dive head first into it.

6) Read and update yourself. Reading has become such an underrated activity but books cultivate imagination. The stories in them help sow an in-depth feeling of freedom and joy as the characters are always either relatable or help take home an immaculate lesson that lingers in the soul. Reading blogs can help oneself stay on top of the fast-paced world that we’re living in. Gazing through the news that’s now available in our very fingertips, provides a fervent idea about everything that’s happening in the world. One who reads more knows more. Reading tech-oriented blogs can help in the exploration of the latest trends in the scientific know-how the world that we currently live in. Within a world that evolves at the speed of light staying updated is a vital part of development.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. While it’s easy to give in to temptation and indulge in fun activities or just laze around, we all know it’s not the best way to spend vacations. But fun is a necessity so pursue something you enjoy. Get pumped and keep yourself motivated by keeping your eyes on the prize and being productive this summer.

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