The first step to building the future with technology

The first step to building the future with technology

You have an imaginative idea that you want to shape with your awesome programming skills. The potential looks promising and you want to develop it into a tech startup ready to change the world. You know you can do it, you know it’s a dream waiting to manifest into reality very soon! But before you do that here’s what you need to do first – give your dream idea a name and address on the Internet. That’s right, you must think of a name and register a domain name to take your killer idea to the next level.


Why is a domain name so crucial?


The answer is simple: missing out on your perfect match domain name is completely avoidable if you register it early on. You are not going to compromise on your code or your idea, then why compromise on your domain name? In fact, with new domain extensions such as .TECH, you can find an exact match domain name for your idea. Here are some of the ways in which you can pick your perfect .TECH domain:



These are just some examples of .TECH domain names that are available at standard price and can be bought right away. In fact, these are great names for you, the students of ACMVIT, to build your hackathon project on or even your individual work portfolio! You can use your domain name to build a website which carries information and links to your work or detailed resume. This will help you grab attention in the professional circles easily. In fact, building your virtual persona on a branded domain name will make it easier for you to communicate to others what you do and where to find you.

In addition, with a branded domain name you get yourself a branded email ID too. With a domain name you own, you can build a [email protected] or [email protected] email id, a sure shot of establishing that you are a polished technology professional.


Who’s using a .TECH domain?

Here are some of the many amazing examples of organizations using a .TECH domain for building a memorable online identity:

  • – Consumer Technology Association
  • – Consumer Electronics Show, an annual trade show for consumer technology. They moved their website from .ORG to .TECH since it helped them make it more relevant and brandable.
  • – Viacom’s technology portal a smart choice over In
    simple words, choosing .TECH empowers you with a shorter, more specific, brandable and a far
    more memorable domain name.
  • – A technology portal by Intel
  • – A business that connects celebrities with disruptive technology

And that’s not all. Increasingly, cutting-edge startups all over the world are choosing a .TECH domain to be their address on the Internet. In fact, startups on .TECH domains have raised over $300 mn in VC funding in the last couple of years alone.


Now, it’s your turn! Check out right away if your cool .TECH domain is available and register it now and gear up to the build the future! For more details, visit





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